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Car drivers trust Bosch: Test winner is most popular brand

Bosch was voted most popular brand again in 2013. Every year the car magazines "AutoBild" and "auto motor und sport" conduct a survey among their readers to find out which brands enjoy the most trust. Readers can vote for manufacturers of accessories and parts as well as automotive service providers. As in previous years, the Bosch brand again achieved outstanding results in a number of categories.

Bosch Car Service - Distinctions and awards

First place for Bosch Car Service: Two test victories in the "Workshop chain" category

"Bosch is the multi-champion"

"AutoBild" judges the best brands in all classes. Readers chose their favorites in 22 categories. The Bosch brand came out on top in all six categories entered by the company products and services:

Autobild logo The best brands in all classes

  • Workshop chains
  • Another double victory for car batteries - best price/performance ratio and best quality and service life
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Spark plugs

"AutoBild" sums it up: "Hardly a car without at least one part from Bosch. Customers reward the Stuttgart company for their excellent quality."

"Overwhelming victory in seven categories for Bosch"

The magazine "auto motor und sport" asked their readers to vote in 23 product categories. "Series winner Bosch" came first seven times:

Auto Motor Sport logo Readers' vote

  • Workshop chains
  • Batteries
  • Lights
  • Filters
  • Wipers
  • Tools
  • Spark plugs

"Bosch is Germany's most popular brand for everything to do with cars," was the conclusion drawn by "auto motor und sport". As in 2012, Bosch was again well ahead of the field in the "Best Brand 2013" readers' vote. With 92.6% approval, Bosch gained a "dream result" in the Wipers category.

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