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Bosch Car Service - Guide Overview

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Our Winter Guide contains important information and valuable advice on winter driving to ensure you always reach your destination safely.


The most frequent cause of vehicle breakdowns is a defective battery. Our Battery Guide contains important information on how you can give your battery a helping hand as well as other useful advice.


What are the points to watch with regard to cleaning, storing and changing tires? Our Tire Guide contains important information and valuable advice to make sure you never lose your grip.

Light and Sight

Our Light and Sight Guide contains all you need to know about lights and optimum visibility in road traffic – from headlight adjustment to changing bulbs and choosing the right wipers.


Holiday at last! But the going can get tough for your car. Our Holiday Guide explains the points to watch before starting and during the journey.


You had a car accident - what should you do next? The accident guide of Bosch Car Service gives you important tips and advice in the worst-case scenario.

Fuel saving

The fuel saving guide of Bosch Car Service will make efficient driving easy and reduce long-term fuel consumption.

Value preservation

The value preservation guide of Bosch Car Service offers important car care tips that will help to secure the value of your vehicle most.

Safe travel

The "Safe travel" guide from Bosch Car Service will give you valuable information on how you can master many on-road driving situations with your car.

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