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Automotive accessories from Bosch Car Service: Safety and miscellaneous accessories

Coolant – quality products to prevent engine damage

Around 150 liters of coolant a minute circulate through a vehicle. Without the proper protection, water, high temperatures and pressure differences create ideal conditions for corrosion and cavitation to form in the cooling system. Consequence: Engine damage and in the worst case failure of the entire system. Top quality products from renowned manufacturers are thus the preferred choice of Bosch Car Service when topping up and changing the coolant.

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Top quality coolant products

Water, high temperatures and pressure differences create ideal conditions for corrosion and cavitation to form in the cooling system. This can result in deep holes forming in the metal and leading in the long term to cylinder head, cylinder liner and coolant pump damage. Which is why Bosch Car Service workshops prefer to use top quality coolant products satisfying the specifications of particular vehicle or engine manufacturers.

Topping up coolantGlysantin®

As compared to just water, a mixture of water and Glysantin® can absorb more heat without starting to boil. What's more, it is a proven fact that Glysantin® prevents the formation of deposits in the cooling system and has excellent antifreeze properties. Price per liter: from 10.90 euro.

Glysantin® - three-fold radiator protection

This premium product from BASF provides three-fold protection against corrosion, overheating and freezing to ensure the long-term reliable functioning of cooling systems for all types of engine and vehicle.

GlysantinThe advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable prevention of corrosion
  • Guards against radiator overheating
  • Lowers the freezing point of the coolant

Three colors – three technologies

The three different types of Glysantin® available are specially designed for the requirements of different cooling systems and the materials used in the various vehicle models.

Mechanic with customer in front of open hood

  1. Hybrid (Glysantin® G48® / Glysantin® G05®**)
  2. OAT (Glysantin® G30® / Glysantin® G33®** / Glysantin® G34®**)
  3. SI-OAT (Glysantin® G40®**)

** Large size only

Further information and valuable advice

Engine diagnosis

Engine diagnosis

In technical terms, cars are becoming ever more sophisticated and represent an ever more demanding challenge for workshops. The only way of saving valuable trouble-shooting time is often to make use of software-based engine diagnosis – a job for which Bosch Car Service is ideally equipped in every respect.

The advantages at a glance:

- State-of-the-art fault diagnosis

- Workshops with the latest test equipment and special software

- Fully qualified workshop personnel thanks to regular advanced training

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Regular vehicle maintenance is the only way of immediately detecting and rectifying any faults or defects. Thorough servicing always makes good sense – whether you intend to keep on driving the same car or to ensure a good re-sale value. Bosch Car Service can provide professional inspection and maintenance work with no loss of manufacturer warranty coverage.

The advantages at a glance:

- For all vehicle models of any age

- Complete with manufacturer and mobility guarantee

- Recording of all work in service booklet

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We recommend: Regular filter replacement and oil change

Filters, oils and coolants should be checked at regular intervals by an expert and changed in accordance with vehicle manufacturers' specifications. This is the only way of being sure to avoid loss of engine power and reducing the risk of corrosion or premature wear. Ideally, you should take your vehicle to a Bosch Car Service workshop every 15,000 kilometers or at least once a year.

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